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  • This is about two-thirds of the ConnLUG/ILUGNY display table at the Wilton Train Show. Everyone who sees it—children and adults alike—are amazed that everything is built with LEGO bricks.
  • Wonder Woman's invisible jet is flying over the ConnLUG/ILUGNY display at the Wilton Train Show.
  • Late afternoon sun hits our LEGO display just right.
  • Bill Probert from ILUGNY built this beautiful factory.
  • Two trains—freight and passenger—are running on the 9V track at all times. Most of the buildings have interior lighting installed.
  • Downtown buildings at the 2017 Wilton Train Show. Combined efforts of ConnLUG and ILUGNY. This and next five photos taken during pre-show assembly.
  • Wilton Train Show, continued. Lots of buildings and trains, combined with some street action for our Super Heroes.
  • ConnLUG buildings added to the Wilton Train Show exhibit. ILUGNY members graciously added interior lighting to enhance the presentation.
  • If it's etched in stone on the sidewalk, this must be the Bike Shop. Wilton Train Show 2017.
  • The afternoon sun highlights the LEGO train display at this year's Wilton Train Show. ConnLUG and ILUGNY combined efforts to create a jaw-dropping display.
  • Taken during the initial stages of assembly at the 2017 Wilton Train Show. Fifteen photos of the actual finished display have also been posted.
  • MOC Botanical Garden is 16 X 39.
  • Botanical Garden 16 X 39.
  • MOC version of the Santa Fe Super Chief 10020 (2002).
  • Caboose built from instructions for 10014 (2001).
  • TTX Intermodal Double Stack Car built from instructions for 10170 (2005). Car is 20.5" long (or approx. 66 studs).
  • Steam engine and tender based on 3741 Large Locomotive and 3742 Tender (both 2001).
  • Side view of Train Engine Shed, built using instructions for 10027 (2003). Footprint is either 16 X 64 (one straight track with doors at both ends, as shown in photo) or 32 X 32. See additional photo.
  • Other side of Train Engine Shed built using instructions for 10027 (2003). This is the 16 X 64 version. Building swivels so that it can be locked together for a 32 X 32 footprint.
  • Helicopter transporter built using instructions for 7686 (2009).
  • MOC Train Engine.
  • MOC Hazardous Waste transporter.
  • MOC Box Car. J&G stands for "Jacob & Grampy."
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